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    This company started its own activities in 2004 using the SECA encoding system and it provided the card security using this encoding method. After years, facing some real problem in 2006 which showed their mechanism had been hacked, they started to use NDS1 as their encoding method. In that year purchasing the complete football worldcup right to display in Korea and Japan it became the greatest media element in the world.

    Italy Sky Company had the same right for Italy a league and many users became interested as they could watch these football matches online. This company satisfied all its football fans with live show of football games in Calcio channels.

    Since users and those who use sharing card are really interested in Italy Sky channels, CCCAM servers are have become interested in these packages, too. But in the last 2 years there has been great changes in these packages which in 2013 made these channels banned from being opened in CCCAM sharing card. Since Italy Sky made lots of changes in their NDS system, their channels are not able to be opened for CCCAM users or if they are open since they have specific freezing, users can’t watch them through these sharing cards. Italy Sky changed the cards algorithm a lot such as 0919, 093b, 9cd and they tried to protect their channels in order to make them unavailable in sharing cards and they have almost been successful in this area, too.

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